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Zenreader V2.1.9 Released

Zenreader V2.1.9 Released
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We have just released v 2.1.9 of Zenreader which contains primarily bug fixes and small improvements. Thank you very much to our users for reporting these issues and making feature requests. This is invaluable input for us as it guides us towards making Zenreader great.
As a separate note, we are making great progress with the internal testing of cloud sync. We shall shortly announce a beta release which you will be able to get access to!

Full v2.1.9 Release Notes
Major Bug Fixes
Fixed the order of the exported markings
After your reports, we have identified and fixed the issue where the exported markings when grouped by document were exported in the incorrect position and incorrect page order.
Fixed issue with the cite key when importing .bib files
Another important bug we fixed on this release was a bug where the cite key was not correctly imported when importing a citation. Previously the citations in the .bib files were ignored by Zenreader and replaced with a {uuid}. Zenreader now correctly reads and accepts the cite key. In case duplicates are detected, Zenreader adds a small incremental letter to distinguish duplicates.
Other Changes
New Features
  1. We have added a Changelog page to our website.
  2. You can open the Changelog page from Zenreader preferences.
  3. There is now a small button on the Zenreader preferences panel that you can click to close the panel. You can always close the preferences by clicking anywhere outside of the preferences pane.
Other Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed a bug where newly created highlights would appear in the incorrect position in the Markings sidebar panel.
  2. Very long Document file names are now cut shorter and don’t break the user interface layout.
  3. In the highlight popup panel, the first 5 default highlight colours would appear again after having been used. We have removed that duplication, so those base colours appear only once as an option.
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