Zenreader - v2.1.7 Released!



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Zenreader - v2.1.7 Released!
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We hope your summer has gone well! From our end we are making good progress with the cloud synchronisation and collaboration features.
We have just released an update for Zenreader, version 2.1.7, which includes some bug fixes, improvements and a new feature: Equation highlights powered by Mathpix OCR.
Read below for details on the new feature, information about cloud sync and the release notes.

New Feature: Highlight equations to LaTeX
It is now possible to crop an Equation out of a PDF document and convert the image directly to LaTeX using Mathpix OCR.
This feature is available to premium users only and requires you to have a Mathpix OCR account with API Credentials (we have prepared instructions to set this up!).
Highlighted Equation is converted to LaTeX using Mathpix OCR
Highlighted Equation is converted to LaTeX using Mathpix OCR
Cloud Sync & Collaboration
We have continued our efforts in developing cloud synchronisation and collaboration features within Zenreader. Over the past few weeks we have:
  • completed most of the work on the sync engine
  • migrated several parts of Zenreader’s codebase to function correctly with data coming from the server
  • started integrating Zenreader with the cloud sync engine: last week, our team was able to make highlights and edit these in real-time from 3 different locations in the world!
Our priority at the moment is to focus on releasing cloud sync, following which we aim to work on several feature requests and suggestions that we have received in the past months.
Zenreader v2.1.7 Release Notes
Bug Fixes
  • Pasting text from clipboard (Ctrl+v or CMD+v) on an outline card was not working
  • Exporting an Outline to Markdown (.md) would freeze when one of the Outline cards had some text in the additional notes section
  • The BibTeX file parser would not proceed with importing .bib libraries that contained comments and/or BibTeX field values that were wrapped with curly brackets. The file parser was re-written using a pattern-matching approach
  • Image and OCR Highlighting was not respecting the limits placed on free accounts
  • Fixed a crash caused by Manually importing a BibTeX citation entry. The crash occurred when the pasted text included the entry with a duplicate entry key
Other Improvements
  • Added project count label and scrollbar in the projects list view
  • Updated the tooltip text for the icons on the outliner cards
  • When exporting an Outliner the notes of an Image card will appear on the same place as in the Outliner (below the image)
Deprecated Features
  • Temporarily disabled the code that checks for duplicates during the import of bibliographic references: the code for duplicate detection is currently very slow and an immediate performance fix was not found. This will be re-introduced in a future version, pending a re-development of the duplicate matching algorithm. With this feature enabled, a file of 3000 bibliographic references could take upwards of 20 minutes to be imported in Zenreader
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