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Zenreader Updates - Issue #1

Zenreader Updates - Issue #1
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Welcome to Zenreader Updates - this newsletter aims to keep you up to date with new releases and improvements around Zenreader.
Our team is committed to building the best productivity tools that allow our users to get excellent work done without spending all day behind a screen. To this end, Zenreader has improved significantly over the past year, with new features to boost productivity and help you achieve even better results. This is thanks to all the suggestions, feedback and support from our users.

Coming soon: cloud synchronisation
In the past weeks, we have ramped up our efforts to complete the cloud synchronisation engine for Zenreader. Once we roll this feature out, you will be able to synchronise your projects across devices and collaborate with your colleagues on the same project.
We shall release the project sync feature first, followed by the collaboration piece.
We aim to ship this to you during the summer
New UI & Version 2.1.+
Zenreader Dark Mode with improved Highlight creation panel
Zenreader Dark Mode with improved Highlight creation panel
Between March and April 2021, we gradually rolled out a major Zenreader update:
  • Rewrote major parts of the user interface and backend to improve usability, performance and productivity
  • Introduced improvements to creating and working with markings (highlights)
  • Improved the whole tagging engine
  • Improved the document & bibliography import and management system
  • Added a dark and light themes to the UI
  • and much, much more
We highly recommend you download and try the latest version of Zenreader out on your next project, to see how far it’s come!
Product roadmap after cloud sync
Once we release cloud synchronisation, we have several new developments planned:
  • Add support for video, audio and webpage highlighting in projects
  • Improve the bibliography management engine
  • Linux build
  • iOS and Android tablet versions of Zenreader
Feedback & Suggestions
Are there any improvements and new features you’d like to see in Zenreader? Let our team know so we can add them to our future releases.
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