Zenreader Updates

Updates about Zenreader

Updates about Zenreader

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Zenreader - Cloud Sync Alpha Test Signup

Please sign up by completing this form.We will contact you to officially invite you to become a tester.In the first round of testing, we will pick 15 users and then gradually invite more people in the coming weeks.


Zenreader Updates - Roadmap Update

Cloud SyncWe entered the testing phase for the cloud sync in February 2022. We aim to wrap this up in coming weeks and open up this major update as a beta release. This release will not include collaboration out of the box, but you can request this on a per-p…


Zenreader V2.1.9 Released

Major Bug FixesFixed the order of the exported markingsAfter your reports, we have identified and fixed the issue where the exported markings when grouped by document were exported in the incorrect position and incorrect page order.Fixed issue with the cite k…


Zenreader - v2.1.8 Released!

With this update, we bring several improvements to the Documents screen and the way you work with documents.We have improved the UI of the List, Table and Kanban Items, presenting more information and giving you some quick action buttonsYou can now quickly op…


6 Video tutorials to master Zenreader

Learn how to use Zenreader in less than 15 minutes. In this tutorial, you will:create an empty projectadd documentsmake highlightsand export your work in an immediately usable report.


Zenreader - v2.1.7 Released!

It is now possible to crop an Equation out of a PDF document and convert the image directly to LaTeX using Mathpix OCR. This feature is available to premium users only and requires you to have a Mathpix OCR account with API Credentials (we have prepared instr…


Zenreader Updates - Issue #1

In the past weeks, we have ramped up our efforts to complete the cloud synchronisation engine for Zenreader. Once we roll this feature out, you will be able to synchronise your projects across devices and collaborate with your colleagues on the same project.W…